Vinnie Quinn

Co-founder at Evercam

Vinnie Quinn, Co-Founder and Director of Evercam, has impacted the construction industry’s approach to project visibility and management. Located in Dublin, Evercam now serves as a primary provider of a construction visibility platform, aimed at enhancing project management for construction companies. This platform equips firms with the tools needed for efficient project monitoring, including access to live and recorded footage, thereby improving team collaboration and construction project management efficiency.

Before Evercam, Vinnie founded Camba.tv, a platform that made it easier for users to access and store CCTV footage online. This venture reflected his dedication to using technology to provide useful solutions that simplify everyday tasks for users, such as building oversight and personal space monitoring.

Vinnie’s entrepreneurial journey began before these projects. He co-founded Jobs.ie, where he was instrumental in its development and sale in 2005. His experience with Jobs.ie demonstrated his skills in product development, sales strategy, and leading a company to commercial success. Vinnie’s background in founding and managing tech companies underscores his expertise in the industry.




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