As ambassadors of the modular construction revolution, ESS Modular has taken on a new project for St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny.  Established in Dublin in 1989, ESS Modular has grown to become an industry leader in the UK and Ireland in offsite modular construction.

ESS Modular installed a 5-floor, 72-bed modular ward extension at St. Luke’s Hospital and the building was precision manufactured offsite in ESS Modular’s state of the art manufacturing facility and installed on site in just 30 days.

CGI Image of St. Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny

The Ormond Wing will be the name of the new Modular Ward Block at St. Luke’s General Hospital Kilkenny. The new building has four floors and roof-top plant rooms. The rooms are set around a new patio. Offices and staff amenities are located on the ground floor.

There are three stories in the top levels, each with 24 single bedrooms with private en-suite bathrooms. Each ward will be named after one of the three rivers served by St. Lukes in the region: the Suir, the Nore, or the Barrow. In response to the Covid-19 Health Crisis, a modular construction style was created to allow for quick construction.

Swipe Left and Right to view the construction progress recorded with Evercam Time lapse cameras from Nov 2020 to May 2021.

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This large new structure is located directly across from the Hospital’s main entrance, needing careful traffic management. There were also several connections to existing structures. As a result, special care had to be taken to minimise staff downtime and annoyance so that the hospital could continue to operate normally.

ESS Modular is now showcasing the time-lapse video on their social media channels.

essmodular's Instagram post  of St. Luke's Hospital Kilkenny