BIM Heroes Podcast Ep#7 – State of AEC Consulting & Risk Mitigation

BIM Heroes Podcast Ep#7 – State of AEC Consulting & Risk Mitigation

In this episode of the BIM Heroes Podcast, Erin Khan, a construction technology expert and host Cody Whitelock talk about the integration of technology in construction management.

They focus on how technology plays a crucial role in risk mitigation. They also discuss the impact of 360 reality capture and autonomous robotics and these technologies enhance efficiency and safety on construction sites.

This is an episode about the importance of these advancements in the modern construction landscape.


Show Highlights:

Technology in AEC Consulting:

An overview of how 360 reality capture and autonomous robotics are currently being deployed to streamline workflows, enhance precision in project planning, and ensure the safety of construction sites.


Applications in Construction:

How 360 reality capture allows for detailed planning and simulation before physical work begins. The use of autonomous robotics for tasks such as site surveying and material delivery is also discussed, and how these innovations lead to significant time savings and risk reduction.

Erin shares firsthand experiences and insights on the process of adopting these new technologies within the AEC sector. She discusses the initial resistance, the learning curve, and eventually, the benefits realised, including examples from projects that have successfully integrated these tools for improved outcomes.


Challenges in Technology Adoption:

From overcoming scepticism to training staff and adjusting to new workflows, Erin and Cody discuss strategies that companies have employed to navigate these challenges, showcasing how adaptation leads to substantial rewards.


Future Outlook:

Thoughts on the future of technology in AEC consulting, especially the potential for AI and machine learning to further improve project management, risk assessment, and cost estimation, paving the way for even more integrated, efficient, and safe construction processes.


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