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Form8tion x Evercam: Shaping Sustainable Data Center Partnership

Form8tion x Evercam: Shaping Sustainable Data Center Partnership

In a world where information demands continue to increase, the need for data centres is growing fast. This surge has led to the growth of dedicated facilities and the emergence of new players in the market. Thor Equities has launched Form8tion Data Centers, a company that focuses on creating custom data centre solutions. Their approach is unique, catering to individual client needs rather than a one-size-fits-all model.

Their first major project, Madrid One, located in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, spans 70 acres and includes five independent data centres. The project, valued at approximately €600 million, emphasizes sustainable practices, such as low-carbon materials, water conservation, and renewable energy sources.

form8tion data center in partnership with Evercam

A closer look at the architectural renderings of this facility reveals five independent data centers spread across a 70-acre landscape. Spearheading this venture are industry veterans – Simon Burrage and Roy Gibbens. Their collective expertise ensures that Madrid One is not just about scale but also about integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

Madrid One at a Glance:

Project Name: Madrid One Campus
Project Type/Size: Data Center (60,000 sqm)
Construction Type: New
Estimated Value: Approx €600 million
Sector: Private
Details: Campus spans 60,000 square meters with over 100MW capacity. The design boasts five buildings on 70 acres. The initial phase will deliver 18MW capacity. The entire campus will scale to over 100MW.
Stage: In Progress
Construction Start: Q3 2023
Construction End: Not specified

Sustainability Practice 

Madrid One’s design includes advanced sustainability practices like rainwater harvesting and low-water cooling solutions. It also plans to use renewable energy and energy-efficient equipment to reduce its environmental impact.

    Form8tion Madrid one campus

    Evercam’s technology significantly contributes to the sustainability goals of the Madrid One project by Form8tion Data Centers. Their solar-powered cameras provide an eco-friendly monitoring solution, reducing the reliance on traditional power sources. The AI-powered vehicle tracking system minimizes emissions by optimizing logistics and material transport. These innovative features from Evercam align perfectly with the project’s commitment to a net-zero carbon footprint, reinforcing Madrid One’s position as a leader in sustainable data center construction.

    The Madrid One project, with its scale, vision, and integration of advanced solutions including Evercam Reality Capture, is set to be a benchmark in the data center industry. Form8tion and Evercam have recognized the synergies in their respective visions and are committed to a long-term partnership. The collaboration is not just about the present but is rooted in a shared vision for the future of the data center industry.

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