Revolutionizing Site Management with Evercam: Sisk’s Partnership

Revolutionizing Site Management with Evercam: Sisk’s Partnership


Sisk, a leading European construction company, has partnered with Evercam to transform their site management practices. By embracing digital technologies and leveraging Evercam’s construction cameras, Sisk has streamlined work practices, improved communication, and increased productivity.

The integration of Evercam with Sisk’s common data environment and BIM models enables efficient information management and progress tracking. The software’s data analysis and reporting features, such as the Gate Report, have reduced costs and delays while empowering Sisk’s digital project delivery.

Furthermore, Evercam’s video footage has supported continuous improvement and enhanced energy efficiency within Sisk’s projects. The company has achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption and has used Evercam’s recordings to investigate and address issues such as excess energy usage.

This successful partnership between Sisk and Evercam has resulted in shared innovation and practical solutions for the construction industry. Sisk’s adoption of Evercam’s technology has positively impacted their projects, demonstrating the potential of digital transformation in site management.