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Polo Wicklow purpose-built Clubhouse, built-in 1998, has been described as ‘one of the best polo clubhouses in the world’. It is large enough to accommodate up to 150 seated guests and frequently used for this purpose, particularly during the winter months, when the club’s schedule includes monthly international tournaments.

Evercam utilized 360 camera technology in order to create 360 tours of Wicklow Polo – Clubhouse. 360 tours are transforming businesses everywhere, these tours attract more customers and traffic by offering an interactive experience within a full environment.

Virtual 360 Tour – Wicklow Polo – Clubhouse by SeeBig. Tap to start your tour in the grand hall of Polo Clubhouse. Look around in 360 degrees, and walk by tapping the white circles. The blue dots will tell you more. Head up the second floor to see the main room and the gardens.