The aims of the project were to develop a world-class standard ‘Ulysses Exhibition’, integrate Newman House into a wider city context – opening doors and engaging with the public, and weave the three buildings together into a better functioning integral whole.

The scheme has been designed in such a way that the new works will be to the rear of the buildings and have minimal impact on the historic fabric.

facade of the MoLI - Museum of Literature Ireland
facade of the MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland

The project included the creation of a new stair and lift that will replace an existing external steel staircase. The new core & link will be clad in glass with an interstitial veil of copper filigree. Solving in one single surgical intervention a host of practical issues associated with creating an exhibition center at Newman House.

It provided a museum quality stair and lift that connects all levels of the exhibition, cafe, and shop as well as providing Universal access & resolving fire safety issues across all three buildings.