Hines is a global real estate investment firm that is privately owned. Hines was founded in 1957 and currently, it has a presence in 205 cities in 24 countries.

Central Plaza is the innovative development where Dublin’s north and south city centres converge. It offers around 35,000 sq ft of retail space and about 100,000 sq ft of a modern workspace. The project is a result of the joint venture between Hines and Peterson Group, with each party bringing commercial property expertise and financial strength.

Three Evercam cameras were installed on different angles to make sure all the details of the construction process could be recorded and monitored.

Camera 1 view of central plaza construction project
Camera 1 view by Evercam time lapse cameras

Camera 2 will capture the installation of the glass and steel rooftop on Central Plaza. The structure is 42.5 x 27.5 x 6 meters and weighs more than 200 tons. The structure was created by Octatube in The Netherlands.

View from Camera 2
View from Camera 2 by Evercam time lapse cameras

Our time-lapse videos are professionally produced each month for the duration of the project. Access to live and recorded views of the project keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Third camera view of central plaza construction project
Third camera view by Evercam time lapse cameras

Check out how the Hines and Central Plaza are using Evercam to promote their work and build brand exposure: