This site was acquired by Bartra on Poplar Road, comprising 0.14ha/0.35acres, zoned Z4 (District Centre) with the objective: ‘to have mixed-service facilities.’ In this district residential is an acceptable application.

The place is approx. 750 m from Dart Station in Clontarf, and c. 1 km from Connolly Station and the Connolly Line at Luas. In addition, a number of QBC routes pass by the site on North Strand Road immediately.

The area is within the Electoral Districts’ 500 m catchment, described by DCC as having “5000 + staff,” and is therefore eminently suited to high-density residential development.

Bartra has started the process of design development and plans to seek a planning application for c. 34 Over 5/6 storey apartments on the building.

Camera view of the Bartra Poplar Row construction progress
Camera view of the construction progress by Evercam construction cameras