Whistleblowing Policy


Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to create a work environment characterised by professionalism, integrity, and respect, encompassing all the subcontractors, suppliers, stakeholders, employees, and directors, essentially the organisation at large.

To continue maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of the company’s operations, we encourage everyone to report any concerns or suspicions regarding misconduct, unethical behaviour, or violations of laws, regulations, or company policies.

Reporting Procedure

Any individual who becomes aware of behaviour that violates our Code of Conduct, or any laws or regulations, is encouraged to report such conduct promptly. Reports can be made by writing to the following: Whistleblowing@evercam.io

  • Names of the individuals involved.
  • Dates, times, and locations of the incidents.
  • Description of the misconduct, including specific actions, decisions, or communications.
  • The impact of the misconduct on the organisation or individuals involved.
  • Steps (if any) you took to address the issue before reporting it.
  • Attach supporting evidence, if there’s any.
  • Review and revise the report.

Before submitting your report, proofread it for clarity and accuracy.


All reports made under this whistleblowing section will be treated confidentially to the extent possible, with due regard for the need to conduct a thorough investigation. Information related to the investigation will be disclosed only to those individuals who have a legitimate need to know.

Investigation Process

Upon receipt of a report, the investigation committee will promptly investigate the matter fairly and impartially. The investigation committee includes; but is not limited to; the Compliance Manager, HR Manager, and Internal Audit Lead. Investigations will be conducted with due regard for the principles of natural justice and confidentiality. Individuals involved in the investigation will be provided with an opportunity to provide relevant information and respond to allegations.