Marco Herbst

CEO at Evercam

Marco Herbst, the founder and CEO of Evercam, is a seasoned leader with a rich history of steering the company towards consistent growth, both commercially and technically. Since its inception in November 2013, Evercam, based in Dublin, has been at the forefront of the construction industry, offering AI and Reality Capture platform with features like live view, streaming, timelapse and project management integration tools. Evercam consolidates construction visual data, integrating BIM, drones, 360 cameras, and project management software, centralising diverse data sources for client accessibility in one platform.

Marco started Evercam with the belief that site-based cameras can be used for more positive purposes than just inhibiting criminal activities, in particular, they can be a powerful, visual site communication tool. Together with his long-term business partner Vinnie Quinn, they have set out to bring the power of machine learning and visual communication to the construction industry.

“Machine Learning and AI will be one the great disruptors of our time, transforming every industry and construction is no exception. Evercam’s access to hundreds of years worth of recordings of construction site activity has been at the forefront of pushing where this technology can go.”