Enhancing Patient Care with Advanced Construction Monitoring

Northern Light Acadia Hospital has successfully completed a major project with Advanced Construction Monitoring, adding 100 new private patient rooms. This project involved two significant additions: one focused on inpatient treatment for children and teens, and another expanding the Pediatric Day Treatment Program. Consigli Construction Co., Inc. led the effort in collaboration with Lavallee Brensinger Architects, whose expertise was crucial in managing complex logistics, ensuring smooth hospital operations, and maintaining safety throughout construction. 

Modern Facilities for Comprehensive Care

As part of the “Acadia For All” campaign, the hospital expanded its pediatric wing with 50 new inpatient rooms, therapy areas, and classrooms, providing comprehensive behavioural health services for children and teens across Maine. 

The team also upgraded the adult inpatient facilities to four units. Each unit offers private rooms and bathrooms, sensory rooms, family visiting areas, and therapeutic gardens. The Mood & Memory Outpatient Clinic has been relocated to a larger, more accessible space within the hospital. This move aims to serve elderly patients better.

Northern Light Acadia Hospital Render - inside

Efficient Operations: Centralized Support Services

The project aimed to centralise many support services to increase efficiency and shorten staff walking distances. Key improvements include a larger loading dock, centralized housekeeping, a covered ambulance entrance, and a conveniently located pharmacy. The facility also features a dedicated entrance. It has a better connection to an outdoor activity park. This creates a supportive environment for young patients and families

How Construction Monitoring Technology Enhanced Consigli’s Project Management

To keep everyone updated and ensure efficient project management, Consigli Construction Co. used Evercam’s construction visibility platform for custom time-lapses and regular updates to stakeholders. This technology enabled real-time progress monitoring, improved communication, and better collaboration among team members.

With the Evercam Platform, the project team could:

  • Generate time-lapse videos for better stakeholder reportings and milestone tracking.
  • Monitor progress and document site activities with 24/7 live-view cameras.
  • Ensure health and safety protocols are met with live visibility and compliance checks.

Take a look at the construction progress from July 2022 to January 2024. 

Northern Light Acadia Hospital Evercam Compare

The enhanced Northern Light Acadia Hospital’s physical infrastructure signifies a commitment to providing better healthcare services for the people of Bangor. The success of this project shows construction cameras as a valuable resource for easy project visibility and progress monitoring.