Metro was employed as the demolition contractor to carry out the topdown demolition in Crawley of the former Virgin Base building.

The Mechanical Demolition journey included;

  • Installation of Timber Hoarding
  • Noise, Dust, Vibration Environmental Monitoring
  • Asbestos Survey & Removal
  • PreDemolition Strip Out
  • Tree protection installed in accordance with arboriculture requirements
  • Mechanical Demolition of existing Virgin building
  • Removal of all slabs and associated foundations
  • On-site crushing of arisings and stockpile material
  • Cut and fill site to agreed formation level in accordance with the engineer’s specification
  • Complete demolition works with zero health and safety incidents
  • 99%+ recycled materials
  • Lay pile mat to engineers’ specification

The project was successfully completed with 2 construction cameras installed on-site that facilitated the monitoring of demolition progress.

Swipe from Left to Right to view the Construction progress from April 2022 to July 2022.

Evercam Timelapse Screenshot 1 of CrawleyEvercam Timelapse Screenshot 2 of Crawley