Salary: €30,000.00 to €35,000.00 /year

Do you have a fondness for Google Sheets, delight in a good pun and have an eye for a well-proportioned font?

You’re fit enough to be a 1 person marketing team in a fast-growing company and ambitious enough to lead that team as it grows, hiring and nurturing the necessary people as we go.

We’ve doubled our key metrics for each of the last three years, and we plan to accelerate that.

We’ve got world-leading technology in our sector (no exaggeration) and our medium is images & video. There is so much potential to make an impact.

You’re joining the company at a nice time, the basic infrastructure for Marketing is in place and we are recording most key metrics. Our budgets are not huge, but the opportunities for creative expression are.

About Evercam

Evercam software turns CCTV cameras into marketing, project management & dispute avoidance cameras for construction.

Our clients are typically main contractors (We’re working with most of the big ones in the UK & Ireland). We sell both directly to the client and via Channel Partners.

You will work very closely with the sales team (6 people at the moment) as your work feeds directly into their lead funnel. You will also work with the management team to drive company strategy, identity & product. You will have considerable direct contact with our clients, especially those who are marketers themselves as many are the users of our product.

Tools We Use & Love

  • Google Adwords, G-Suite, Search Console, Analytics
  • Zoho CRM, Analytics, SalesIQ, Projects
  • WordPress
  • Smatterings of Intercom, Slack, Trello and the like

Our influences include

  • https://plateau.agency/work/(And Trackunit.com)
  • Marmalade the Hen


  • Pale Blue Dot

  • https://www.theb1m.com/

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