ANPR Cameras for

Gate Monitoring

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Why every construction site should use
Gate Report System?


Implement Gate Report for your construction projects to optimize site logistics, enhance safety measures, and boost productivity. You can also mitigate disputes, prevent overbilling, and ensure smoother project execution.

How ANPR Cameras Optimize Site Logistics and Safety?

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition – ANPR cameras detect and record over 10 different vehicle types, automating entry and exit to streamline gate traffic flow and prevent delays.
Moreover, by enforcing vehicle restrictions and controlling access to hazardous or restricted areas on the construction site, ANPR cameras significantly enhance jobsite safety for all personnel.

What are the Benefits of Using Gate Report?

Evidence-Based Payments: Make payments confidently, ensuring compliance and avoiding overbilling.
Invoice Matching: Align subcontractor invoices with verified site activity, improving your financial controls.
Faster Dispute Resolution: Maintain a reliable site record of vehicle activity, providing clear evidence in any dispute.

Ensure Safety Procedures

Gate Report is ideal for monitoring material delivery on site and for implementing rigorous safety measures at gates and access points, preventing accidents and fostering a secure work environment for both equipment and personnel.


What vehicles does it track?

Flatbed semi-trailer
Concrete Truck
Small Truck
Tipping Truck
Tank Truck
Concrete pump
Road vehicle

Gate Report most relevant?

Demolition / Muckaway at the beginning of a project
Concrete Pours at the middle of a project
Modular / Precast / OSM arriving at the end of a project

What is Gate Report for?

Tracking vehicles going in and out of the site
Verifying information from other sources

How accurate is the Gate Report?

Evercam aims to achieve >95% accuracy. Mistakes can occur due to conditions outside of Evercam’s control.

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