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Construction Analytics

How many excavators worked last month?
What’s the actual quantity of earthwork excavated and removed from the site 11 weeks ago?

How can I independently validate this in the invoice submitted for payment?
Our Gate Report identifies all vehicles that enter & exit your site and provides you with an in-app & PDF report.


We provide you with the data you need to compare with your own reports.

Over Charging

Save money from additional costs acquired from disputes using a time-stamped log of all vehicles exiting & entering your site.

& Traffic control

Track material arrival and departure insights for project cost controls & use this data for future cost projections.


Sort By Type of Vehicle

Our ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) can detect over 10 different types of vehicles and record their individual license plates, making it easier for you to focus on what matters.



We provide you with a daily report of all
vehicles that enter and exit your site,
and duration that they spend on site.
With the click of a button, you can view
any vehicle on your site from your cloud



Seamlessly integrate Evercam with the construction project management software you are already using like Procore and Autodesk.


Flatbed semi-trailer
Concrete Truck
Small Truck
Tipping Truck
Tank Truck
Concrete pump
Road vehicle

Demolition / Muckaway at the beginning of a project
Concrete Pours at the middle of a project
Modular / Precast / OSM arriving at the end of a project

Tracking vehicles going in and out of the site
Verifying information from other sources

Evercam aims to achieve >95% accuracy. Mistakes can occur due to conditions outside of Evercam’s control.

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After a quick chat, we can organize a price estimate and a site visit.

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