The Dunkettle Interchange is located approximately 6 kilometres East of Cork City, Ireland. The interchange is at the intersection of the M8/N8 Road from Dublin to Cork with the N25 Road from Waterford to Cork and with the N40 South Ring Road via the Jack Lynch Tunnel. 

The current interchange arrangement has free flow for the traffic going in an east – west direction but forces north – south traffic and turning traffic to use a traffic signal controlled roundabout. It is proposed to upgrade the interchange to achieve free flow for key movements and to include measures to remove locally generated traffic from the interchange.

The project includes changes to the N8, the N25 and the N40 and links to the R623 in Little Island and Burys Bridge in Dunkettle while also making provision for pedestrian and cyclist facilities. It is an investment of €215 million in total and is anticipated to be completed by Q1 2024.

The Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade objectives are driven by the need to improve operational deficiencies associated with the existing layout. These operational difficulties, if not addressed, will be exacerbated by continuing traffic growth over the coming years.

Cork RDO opted to use 6 cameras from Evercam on the site to provide a live view of the traffic to let everyone who uses the roads know the traffic status, and to show that it will improve when they have finished building the new Dunkettle Interchange.