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Quantity Surveyor Timelapse Video

As a quantity surveyor you work is to control project costs and generate as much profit on the project you can. This means negotiating with subcontractors who will make claims against you during the works.

Having a time lapse video to call on can give you a great advantage.

How you can use the technology to your advantage

Quantity surveyor timelapse video Indisputable Proof – Your time lapse video gives you indisputable evidence for a dispute.

Dispute Resolution – Use this evidence in your dispute resolution meetings and win more disputes, making more profit.

Time management of trades during site work – You can log people into and off site easily with a gate system. You cant effectively see what they are doing or not doing on site. You can do this easily using time lapse video.

For a quantity surveyor timelapse video can be the difference between winning and losing a dispute. Contact us today to learn more.

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