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Construction Cameras Project Manager Timelapse

As a project manager you want to control and monitor time, money, quality and safety. Time lapse photography is a great way to have an audit trail of your project. You can run through the film to learn how you can improve the construction progress. If there are any safety issues again you can go back in time to see what happened and work out improved systems of safe working.

How you can use the technology of construction cameras to your advantage


Construction Cameras for Project Managment

Improve safety – If you have a near miss on site run through the time lapse firm and zoom in to the relevant incident. Use this to work out new safe systems of work and to training your people.

Improve productivity and profit – Each month review the time lapse video and see how you can improve your site processes to improve effective working. See where you can find waste. Transport waste, waiting time waste, process waste, looking for things on site waste. By identifying waste and changing your process you will become more effective. This will drive profit.

Improve quality – When you have a quality issue on site, review the time lapse video and see why the process went wrong. Use the video to training your teams to ensure quality remains high. Analyse snags and see how you can reduce them.

Reduce site visits to monitor progress – With your phone app you can monitor progress anywhere, at any time.

Share images with your team – The system will send any one you wish to have one a snap shot image. This can be set up on a daily, weekly monthly basis.

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