Construction timelapse benefits

10 good reasons to use Evercam on your site

  • Reduce site visits with remote viewing
  • Monitor and improve team performance
  • Eliminate conflict with evidence
  • Share images and live streaming to makes meetings run smoother
  • Watch any of your cameras on your desktop, tablet or phone via our app and website
  • Have a dedicated screen in the office that shows live pictures of your site
  • Cover every site angle with numerous cameras at optimum locations
  • Make your project more efficient by saving time and money
  • Be ahead of the competition and use your projects to generate new work
  • The Evercam team looks after everything. We will install the hardware, record the footage and save the recordings

Construction projects have many stakeholders


We help the developer, sales and marketing teams showcase your work.  With clever and professionally produced timelapse videos and live streaming, you can

  • Build stronger brand exposure
  • Reach a wider audience through broadcast across multiple platforms
  • Wow your customers with enhanced marketing and sales tools


Evercam cameras enable project managers to keep everyone on their toes.  With timely, relevant footage, you can

  • Manage and keep everyone informed by sharing progress with engineers, architects, subcontractors or any stakeholder you choose.
  • Have live and immediate access
  • Reduce on-site meetings and save time by monitoring the site without having to leave the office.
  • Stay on budget with a full overview of progress and task duration.  You will have a visual record that should match up with any invoice you receive.

Avoid disputes

A common occurrence in the construction sector, disputes are both avoidable and easily managed by using Evercam cameras.  They allow you to not only win arguments, but to avoid them by

  • Owning the evidence
  • Knowing delivery times and project duration
  • Saving and sharing footage from your cameras.  Finding historical pictures is as easy as selecting a time and date in your calendar.