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How it works

1Make contact.
We ask you a few questions and send you a quotation.

2Once the details are agreed, our PSA Licenced installations partner gets your camera online.
You get immediate access to the live & recorded view of your site.

3Aside from the online recordings, you also get a monthly professionally produced video, with optional drone footage.
Video editing and additional photography is done by our partner Lensmen, Ireland’s leading photographic agency.

4At the end of the project, you receive a hard drive with a full copy of the entire project.
Optionally this footage also remains in your online archive.

Who we are

Marco & Vinnie founded Evercam in 2010 to film construction projects in Berlin and have developed their own specialist software platform for the construction industry worldwide.

We partnered with Lensmen, led by Susan Kennedy, a leading player in the Irish Photography & videography market and the owners of the Irish Photographic Archive.

We also partner with various installations companies, for most of our Irish work we use Camba.tv. We may be able to work with your existing M+E partner. We are open to working with other partners, especially in areas where we do not yet have an installations partner.

If you are a photographer with a potential construction industry client, please make contact and we can see how the Evercam solution can work for you.

Marco & Vinnie