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At Evercam, we capture pictures of your construction projects as they are built, so that you can concentrate on better management and speedy completion.

With Evercam you can manage multiple construction sites from one place. With one single log-in on our website, you have immediate live access to your projects.

Pictures from your cameras are saved remotely for as long as you need them. We install cameras that have a wide shot of your site, giving you a bird’s eye view.

Our installers are qualified network engineers, certified and insured to work on site and licenced by the PSA to install CCTV.

Based on our experience and understanding of the construction sector, we have developed the features of our system to make your job easier.


On the Evercam website you can add multiple cameras from different manufacturers to the one account.

when you log-in, you will able to see a real-time live view of all your cameras.

Live View


Pictures from your camera will be saved in immediately cloud storage in real time.

This is more secure than storing on site and also means you can access your cameras from anywhere.


No other camera system makes sharing as easy as Evercam does.  Simply enter an email address to share live or recorded footage.  Our system is 100% secure.  Each user has their own password and you get a full audit trail of who has seen what.

Improve collaboration by sharing site progress with all the team.

You can choose to keep your cameras private, or easily share footage with others.

Scheduled Email

SNAPMAIL (Scheduled Email)

No more wondering about start and finish times.

Snapmail is a perfect way to send a regular scheduled reminder about all the key events and project milestones.

 This clever feature sends you up-to-date, high-resolution images direct to your inbox. Improve meetings and keep people engaged by adding them to the Snapmail list.  

Send images the day before a site meeting or send all project stakeholders a daily/weekly update.  

Now everyone is updated, and you haven’t left your desk.


Make beautiful timelapse videos of your construction project. Watch the build grow from start to finish in a couple of minutes. Learn from mistakes by analysing the timelapse to identify disruptions and delays. Showcase your work from greenfield to shiny new building.

Evercam timelase capability can also play anytime, at any stage of the project.

Embed your timeplase on your website. Use for promotional videos. Play anytime – you don’t need to wait until the project is complete to showcase your work. Its time to impress.

Time Lapse

Add your Camera

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