Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – February 2022

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – February 2022

Check out the latest time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe.


BIM video –  Assembly Building C in Bristol

PCE Ltd has been awarded to design, manufacture, and construct a Hybrid FMA office building frame using off site manufactured structural steel and precast concrete components together with in situ reinforced concrete.

PCE is working with Evercam to provide real-time monitoring and trialing the BIM overlay on Assembly C. 

Watch the time-lapse of the development of the 14-storey building. 

Assembly Bloc C – PCE Ltd


St Pius – Late Night Tower Crane Installation in Chatswood (AU)

During the early hours of the morning, the team on LLOYD’s St Pius Project worked together on the installation of the tower crane.

Capable of lifting 5 tonnes, the crane tower will allow the project team to easily clear the surrounding buildings and safely cater to the project’s live environment.

Watch the installation video here:

St Pius – Tower Crane Erection


AGC Build a Great Life Mural  

Austin AGC professional trade association for commercial builders working in Austin, Texas decided to paint their building with a mural that will pay homage to the construction industry.

The work on the Build a Great Life Mural began on 20 January 2022, and since that day they’ve been live-streaming the ongoing progress by embedding a live Evercam feed on their website.

AGC Austin Mural


Project Opera Square – Demolition phase

A group of buildings constructed between the 1950s and 1980s have been cleared in the Opera Site in Limerick, Ireland. SISK are working closely with the Limerick Twenty Thirty team on this development.

Among the key elements of the project will be a 14-storey landmark office space building; a five-storey aparthotel with 13 separate apartments and retail on ground and basement levels.

Check out the demolition phase video here: 


Project Opera Square – Limerick, Demolition

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