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Top 5 Construction Time-lapses of 2023

Top 5 Construction Time-lapses of 2023

In 2023 the Construction Industry took a step forward in the use of technology to improve its efficiency. Since real-time project visibility is crucial to project success, Evercam presents this selection of the best construction time-lapses of the year showcasing the finest in each category: Construction Milestone, Full Project Time Lapse, Mission Critical Time-lapse, Infrastructure Project Time-lapse, and Construction Integrated Management. 

1) Construction Milestone Time-lapse

At the Windsor Commercial 4th and Green project in Downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA, this fascinating video presents a great example of how to foster a culture of continuous improvement. The technology provided project managers with workflow visibility and data to refine construction processes and increase operational efficiency.

Especially during the concrete pouring phase, the cameras offered critical insights into on-site operations, enabling multiple stakeholders to monitor site operations and uphold stringent Health, Safety, and Environmental protocols. Employing drones for site monitoring enabled reviewing site layouts and identifying potential obstacles before the concrete pouring starts, ensuring proper layout r for accessibility and efficiency, and preventing errors and delays.

Construction cameras also enabled close monitoring of heavy equipment and the site’s perimeter to assess the impact on neighbourhood traffic and community dynamics.

2) Full Project Time Lapse 

The Gascoigne Phase 2 project in East London, UK, represents the beauty of the construction process from demolition to completion. The detailed visibility of each phase improves the whole execution process, from demolition, earthwork, structure, closing until jobsite logistics. It proved invaluable in optimising the site layout, including the strategic placement of safety fences, heavy equipment, and storage for materials like heavy pipes.

The clear real-time site visibility also allowed the best planning of vehicle parking to prevent site damage. This comprehensive view of the project’s progression aided in understanding the sequence of tasks, leading to more efficient project management and decision-making.

3) Mission Critical Time-lapse

In mission-critical projects, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. To face the complexity of The Echelon project, in Dublin, IE the implementation of a real-time monitoring system was crucial. The project had several Evercam fixed position cameras set up on site, as well as drone footage for ariel views, enabling detailed visibility of the entire area and the construction execution process enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

For repetitive task management, the ability to continuously review and refine the construction process remotely boosts efficiency and ensures that each phase meets the highest standards. With this capability, multiple stakeholders can closely monitor every stage leading to achieving precision and success.

4) Infrastructure Project Time-lapse  

Infrastructure projects have a unique set of challenges due to their complexity and the need for precise execution under diverse site conditions. The reconstruction of the railway bridge over the Regalica River in Szczecin, Poland, by Budimex involved the challenge of elevating the bridge by 6.2 meters above the high navigable water level.

The goal was to enhance the railway’s capacity and inland navigation. Ensuring visibility in this project was crucial, especially when dealing with structures of such height, long distance and difficult access points where traditional on-site supervision is very challenging. In this case, Evercam cameras were crucial to allow visual progress and safety monitoring.

Such high risk projects often require specialized equipment, real-time weather reports and safety measures become imperative in ensuring on-time scheduling and success. The accuracy of these projects not only affects their success but also plays a significant role in improving community life and driving economic development.

5) Construction Time-lapse: BIM

In the DB Schenker project, Dublin, IE, the integration of BIM and Evercam’s reality capture technology enhanced construction management by combining construction cameras with 4D view enabling real-time visual progress monitoring.  The DB Schenker team used Evercam’s 4D Compare tool within  BIM feature, allowing a direct comparison between the execution and the planned timeline and also, side-by-side view of the BIM model and live camera feeds, highlighting any discrepancies.

This integration was essential in ensuring the project’s on-time schedule and accuracy. This successful case reinforces how technology has been helpful in the industry on preventing rework and increasing efficiency.


Driving Progress Through Technology 

The construction industry has been reshaped by the innovative use of advanced technology in 2023. This has marked a significant step forward in construction methodology bringing not only smarter practices but also enhanced sustainability. As these innovations continue to integrate construction processes, they pave the way for more precise, efficient, and collaborative project execution. This reflects on the industry’s excellence and development.