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Why You Need Full Video Recordings of Your Construction Site.

Why You Need Full Video Recordings of Your Construction Site.

As a project manager, quantity surveyor, H&S manager, or company director, have you ever faced challenges on a construction site that was hard to keep track of or required expensive settlements due to lack of visibility and evidence? Have you ever wished you had a smarter solution that not only captures defining moments in your day-to-day operations on-site but also converts them into data you can access on-demand for audit or legal purposes?

timelapse video recordings of construction site

Evercam is here to help with a full video recording feature that captures every second of your project. Our video documentation not only captures on-site incidents, claims, and deliveries but also allows you to review exactly what happened in full-frame rate 4K full video. With our vSaaS platform, you can monitor, manage, market, and resolve disputes all made possible with video documentation. This means you can proactively identify safety incidents or review the cause of an incident or claim. And the best part? You can access all this information on-demand for audit or legal purposes!

Video documentation is an excellent way to establish the cause of health and safety incidents on site. The full video recording feature enables clients to quickly review footage of an incident, you can identify poor practices and establish if the protocol has been followed. This not only saves time but also prevents delays that can cause site shutdowns and time-consuming investigations.

Trucks in construction site

Video evidence is also crucial in disputes and claims. Without it, settlements can become expensive and hard to win. By having irrefutable video evidence, you can save money and ensure that you don’t pay for existing damage or damage done by others. Back charges and delay penalties can be avoided, and change orders from existing conditions can be supported.

In addition to resolving disputes and claims, video documentation can also enforce increased transparency in construction allowing for better planning of access routes and equipment placement, assuring owners and neighbours that their property will be protected. Full video recordings on construction sites can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting yourself from paying for existing damage or damage done by others.

Think about it – without video evidence, it’s hard to determine who caused the damage and when it happened. But with full video recordings, you can see the entire timeline of events and identify any existing damage before starting the construction work. This means you can avoid paying for damages that were already there and have proof to defend yourself against false claims.

Plus, having video evidence can also encourage others to be more cautious and responsible on-site, leading to a safer and more efficient work environment. So, not only can full video recordings save you money, but they can also promote a culture of accountability and responsibility on-site.

video recordings of construction site showing Evercam's Gate report

Full video recordings on construction sites can be an effective tool to reduce or prevent re-work. By capturing all activities and movements on-site, the videos provide a detailed record of the project’s progress. This record can help identify any issues that arise during construction and allow the project team to take corrective action to prevent re-work.

With video evidence, the team can review the footage to determine the root cause of the problem and use that information to implement the necessary changes to avoid similar issues in the future. This helps save time and money that would have been spent on re-work, thereby increasing project efficiency and profitability.

Overall, full video recordings can be an invaluable resource for any construction project seeking to minimize re-work and ensure a successful outcome.

video recordings of construction site

By recording all construction in full video, construction managers can upskill their teams through knowledge management and training. Virtual QA/QC meetings can be held, improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen. Back checks of materials used or orders can be done, and change order verification can be supported. By solving facilities problems down the road and verifying if a problem is a systemic or isolated issue, without doing destructive verification, you can increase productivity and reduce rework.

Construction collaboration can also be enhanced through video documentation. Faster mobilization of team members in case of changes or emergencies can be achieved, and earlier/more timely stakeholder involvement in critical decisions can be established. Fewer drawing revisions can be made, and more accurate bidding can be done. Problem-solving can be faster, and construction safety compliance can be improved, leading to less rework.

video recordings of construction site while raining

Video documentation is a must-have for any construction project. Through Evercam’s platform, you can effectively monitor the progress and safety of your site, boost productivity, and improve collaboration between team members. Being able to review these recordings improves customer relations by providing an observable record of the development trajectory – and will help reduce legal disputes as well.

Moreover, this type of technological solution not only gives you an assurance that issues are identified and addressed in time but also helps to protect both your team members and your customer’s interests in construction projects. Therefore, if you are determined to take your business performance and efficiency to the next level – get in touch with us today and learn more about how this Evercam feature can simplify construction management tasks!