Evercam integrations at the DCU Innovation Centre Hardware Hackathon with PCH

Drop in to see Vinnie Quinn at the DCU Innovation Centre Hackathon. Taking a screenshot selfie from the Evercam Camera in the Innovation Centre DCU Auditorium. Showing the BigRedSnapshot app […]

Evercam presents Google Glass & Android Wear at GDG Devfest 2014

After a slightly worrying start to the day trying to get our various demos working …. everything went very smoothly. Many thanks to Raphael and the organisers at DevFest 2014 […]

Marco Herbst on RTE Radio 1, Sean O’Rourke, The Today Show.

Talking about Google, Evercam, Jobs.ie …. together with Adam McGuire Click here to open RTE Radio Player

Lisa and GGC crew win K-Pop World Festival 2014 in Changwon, Korea.

Congratulations to Lisa and the GGC Crew …. first place in the finals of the K-Pop world festival ! Off-stage, Lisa choreographs the Evercam team and organises www.apidublin.com 🙂

Looking after cameras in 292 cities around the world ….

Thanks to Intercom’s new feature we can show you a nice map of all the locations around the world where Evercam is in use ….

Evercam brings CCTV to your wrist with Android Wear

Evercam Labs (aka Liuting Du) has just completed our first (Alpha Alpha) Google Wear application using the Evercam APIs ! We can’t say too much for now, but we’ll be […]

Your security system is the hidden sales tool you never knew you had.

Customers love transparency. We like to know who we’re doing business with and we like to buy things from people we trust. That’s why companies like Tesla and Rover have […]

We made it into the Wayra Dublin Academy 2014

Yesterday Marco, Vinnie and myself spent the day at the Telefonica offices pitching to be part of the Dublin Academy, an incubator program organised by Wayra, owned by telco giant Telefonica. […]

SXSW Interview with Laura Kilcrease


Evercam API with Social Channels

The social world is constantly evolving. The best known social media channels have for some time now championed the power of accessibility, connectivity and unity. Whether its Skype allowing a grandfather see […]

Techcrunch Disrupt … so people actually want APIs for Cameras !

A big thank you to Techcrunch for the opportunity to be on stage at Disrupt NYC. Interested to learn more? Contact us now!

Evercam Play – The Android App to view your cameras.

Today we’re launching Evercam Play, designed for viewing your Evercam cameras. Get it on Google Play: The API’s used in Evercam Play were: Evercam REST API  – Evercam account management, fetch […]

MicksGarage.com on the WOW factor of adding images to their supply chain.

Today we visited Mick Crean, CEO of www.micksgarage.com Mick’s Garage (www.micksgarage.com) are one of the largest online distributors of car parts delivering to over 70 countries. Last year, as an experiment, […]

Marco Herbst to speak at APIConSF, May 27-29 in San Francisco

40 minutes to address the issues around developing software for cameras and building APIs for cameras. I’d love to hear from others planning to be at the event, it looks […]

Mark Friedler joins Evercam advisory board to assist in US expansion

We’re really pleased to announce that Mark Friedler is joining the Evercam advisory board. He’ll be with us next week in NYC and, being based in San Francisco, is the first US […]

Rules for success when developing for cameras.

Here’s the deck from a short talk we gave at API Strategy Conference in Amsterdam in March. Rules for success when developing for cameras. from Marco Herbst Many thanks to 3Scale and API Evangelist for a great […]

Forget about the big picture … think about the camera.

Sometimes, wandering through the web,  one comes across great wisdom. To whoever the creator of this was, thank you. So true.

Netsuite integration with Evercam – Adding images to ANY transaction in Netsuite

We’ve completed a powerful integration with the Netsuite platform that allows any NetSuite customer to quickly and easily add powerful image verification to any Netsuite transaction. This is great for […]

See y’all @ SXSW, Austin Texas 2014

We’ll be at the Startup Village on Saturday 8th at the Hilton. ON Sunday 9th we’ll be at the Official Ireland@SXSW party And all along the way you can see […]

Get on the Startup bus ! With the Evercam API….

We are honoured and flattered to have been selected to join 10 other APIs on the Startup Bus. 2 teams of developers will drive from LA and NYC to arrive in […]

Evercam + Twitter = #Remembrancecam

The youngest Evercam developer (that we are aware of) Mr. Harvey Conniffe has gone live with his latest CoderDojo project: #RemembrancecamJust tweet #remembrancecam and get a reply from The Garden […]

Evercam Capture – Turns your phone into an IP Camera – Connected to Evercam

Evercam Capture turns your phone into an IP Camera (actually 2 IP Cameras if you have 2 cameras on your phone) and connects them securely to YOUR account on Evercam. […]

Evercam Discover

Getting IP cameras accessible over the Internet is always painful – finding local IP addresses, getting the ports that they are using, logging into the router, setting up port forwarding, […]

Tunstall Emergency Response Develop an Evercam Solution

Tunstall Emergency Response are the leading remote healthcare monitoring company in Ireland with over 38,000 connected homes. The task was to be able to offer their clients the additional security […]

Evercam Big Red Button

Sometimes there’s no better interface than a nice Big Red Button. With that in mind, and to show a simple use case of how an android app interacts with the […]

Tunstall emergency response using Evercam

Operator View On the left hand monitor we see the Tunstall operator’s screen in its idle state – waiting for a call. When a call is identified, either inbound or […]

Weighbridge CCTV Integration using Evercam

The farmer’s grain is collected by the contractor and delivered to the merchant. Using our API, Herbst Insight easily integrates the images from the Weighbridge camera into the document: The […]

All Programming is Web Programming – Evercam.js v1.0 is live !

Maybe Jeff Atwood is right? All Programming is Web Programming? While we started out with Node.JS, Java and Python libraries, most of the popular use cases seem to be for our […]

Parnell Square Cultural & Technical Quarter

As Dublin City Council (one of our customers) likes to point out (at around 0:55)“Parnell Sq. is already home to institutions of national and international significance housed in magnificent period […]

The beauty of JPEGs

One thing that every camera can produce is a JPEG. Most do more, H264, MJPEG, MPEG4, various audio codecs etc. but in this uncertain world, it seems we can always […]