BIM feature update! View project milestones

Integrating a BIM model with Evercam’s time-lapse cameras is a great way to keep your project on track. A BIM provides users with the planned project schedule and the live […]

How Visual Documentation Helps In Construction Dispute Resolution.

Visual documentation & dispute resolution Introduction  The construction industry is a diverse industry with increasingly complex types of projects that are always evolving not only in design but also in […]

5 Reasons Why A Quantity Surveyor needs a Construction Time-Lapse Camera

Importance of Construction Cameras To Quantity Surveyors It is no debate that any construction project that desires to put control measures with regards to cost, time and material must employ […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – January 2022

Check out the latest time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe.   3D BIM & Real Footage  Here’s the latest time-lapse […]

Evercam’s Top 10 Construction Timelapses of 2021

From demolition work to modular construction… We covered amazing work by our clients this year. The list of our top 10 videos of 2021  is here! 10. Central Bank of […]

SISK Digital Project Delivery with Evercam

 Shared Innovation As one of Europe’s leading construction companies, John Sisk and Son are setting a standard of excellence through their use of innovative construction methodologies on their projects across […]

Evercam Partnership – Project Sustainability Living Lab

Evercam are happy to announce our partnership with Specialty Publishing Media in creating a Living Lab that focuses on demonstrating the process of building a sustainable home. Sustainability is a […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month

Check out the latest time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Greystones, Ireland Modular School Time-lapse We are delighted to be working on this exciting new […]

EuroCC SME Accelerator Project

We are delighted to announce that we have recently completed the EuroCC SME Accelerator program through which Evercam collaborated with the Irish Center for High-end Computing (ICHEC). This short, 3-month […]

Evercam’s Top 5 Construction Timelapses of the Month

Check out the latest time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Myrtle Square Ireland  Myrtle Square Time-Lapse, Ireland Our first redacted time-lapse… No people in […]

Evercam & SharePoint Integration

Simplify your processes with your team by connecting Evercam to the online collaborative platform SharePoint by Microsoft. Sharepoint provides a one-stop shop for your document management and work streamlining needs, […]

Dahua Announcement

We at Evercam are thrilled to announce our partnership with one of the world’s leading CCTV hardware manufacturers, Dahua Technology. Founded in 2001, Dahua Technology has been ranked 2nd for […]

New Feature: Historical Weather Data

A new feature has been added to the Evercam platform. The weather feature allows users to access historical weather data from the Live View and Recordings tabs. It saves one […]

Why Use Time-Lapse Cameras for Construction Projects?

Construction is a slow and gradual process which means it can be difficult to communicate progress with nothing but still images. Over the past few years, more and more contractors […]

Choosing the right Construction Camera

Choosing the right camera for your construction site may seem a daunting task. The options are very broad and the form factors differ dramatically. Understanding the options you have on hand will give you the proper tools to make an educated choice.

The Irish Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

We are delighted to announce that we have been approved for DTIF funding in a consortium with TU Dublin and GagaMuller Group. In total, the 3-year project will be worth […]

Software Integration – Power BI

Streamline your communications by connecting Evercam’s project management cameras to the project management software you are already using. Power BI provides data collection, visualization, analytics, and collaboration on one platform […]

Installing a Construction Camera on Your Site

Adding a construction camera to your site, is it worth it? The construction industry is often misunderstood as a slow adopter to digitalization. Over the past few years we have […]

Evercam & Zutec Integration

Streamline your communications by connecting Evercam to the project management software you are already using. Zutec provides data collection and collaboration on one platform for entire construction teams.  About Zutec […]

Evercam’s Top 10 Construction Timelapses of 2020

2020 has been full of surprises that no one asked for, a year unlike we’ve ever experienced. A year marked by huge disruption to the construction industry comes to an end. […]

Evercam to create 50 jobs following €600,000 co-investment led by DBIC Ventures

This is the first investment by DBIC Ventures’ new €23m early-stage fund Funding enables AI-powered construction software company, Evercam to: Double global staff to support expansion in the US, Australia […]

Construction Time-lapse – How it Started, How it’s Going

Construction Time-lapse, Looking at the past and the present became looking into the future. Where we were, where we are, where will we be. How we Started – Communications  From […]

Evercam’s Autodesk BIM 360 Partner Card

We are delighted to announce that Evercam and Autodesk BIM 360® users can now access their live Evercam cameras by simply setting up a BIM 360 Partner Card in their […]

Evercam & Procore Integration

Evercam is in the business of increasing construction productivity. Our goal is to empower communication and collaboration in construction with project information. We build tools that capture the big picture […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your BIM model with Evercam

Integrate your BIM Model with the real-time image. Evercam is a video project management tool for the construction industry. Our software records everything that happens, and then makes that information […]

Open and Transparent Communication – Bartra Wealth Advisors

As one of Ireland’s most successful real estate developers, Bartra has successfully carried out six social housing and nursing home projects in the country up to date. Clarity and transparency […]

Using Site Cameras to Support Innovation & Lean in Construction

It’s almost a cliche these days to note that the Construction Industry suffers from low productivity. We’ve seen the principles of Lean and Kaizen venture out of their automotive and […]

4 Challenges in Construction Project Management and How to Deal With Them

Managing a construction project is not a walk in the park. The large scope, number of project participants, and inherent risks pose a lot of challenges to project managers. Here […] Podcast

Evercam Co-Founder Vinnie Quinn featured as a guest on the podcast, where he spoke to Ciaran Brennan about construction cameras, site productivity and the benefits of integrating site cameras […]

Using Evercam for Social Distancing

Take a look at how John Sisk & Son Ltd used Evercam on their Distillers Building site in Dublin to ensure the site team complied with safe social distancing, before […]