Press Release: Evercam Launches A Powerful New Tool Set To Advance The Abilities of Visual Documentation in Construction

Today, Evercam Construction Cameras – the leading construction time-lapse company, announced the launch of their new video creation tool – The Time-Lapse Creator. The new product is now available to […]

The Cost Impact of Incidents & Theft Construction Industry

The construction industry contributes significantly to national economic growth and provides numerous opportunities for job creation; however, workplace accidents and theft have long plagued the industry.  The economic significance of […]

How Construction Cameras Are Being Used on ATEX Sites

A construction site is constantly changing as a structure is erected. There are diggers, supply vehicles, and lifting equipment that all operate on an uneven surface in most situations. A […]

Modular Construction – Łukasiewicz Research Network Innovatorium

Evercam participated in a debate on innovation in Modular Construction during the Innovatorium conference organized by the Łukasiewicz Research Network in Poland  The Łukasiewicz Research Network is a unique project […]

CASE STUDY: Murphy Ireland deploys Evercam’s innovative construction camera technology

Murphy Ireland deploys Evercam’s innovative construction camera technology to enable remote project management at their Ringsend Phosphorous Fixation and Recovery Project.  Project Background Murphy Ireland is constructing the Ringsend Phosphorous Fixation […]

Technology budgets in the construction industry

In recent years, tech giants have disrupted several industries. Apple transformed how we listen to music and use our phones, Amazon changed the way we read through its Kindle e-book […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – July 2022

Our talented video team provides high quality, marketing ready timelapses for all of our clients, but with a key focus around the construction milestones. Check out some of the best […]

5 New Ways To Make The Most of Construction Cameras

Cameras for time-lapse videos or security purposes are hardly a new concept, but the real value for construction projects lies within the newer ways this familiar technology can be used […]

How Digital Construction Week ’22 Went Down

Technology that powers the built environment has continually evolved at a rapid rate, which is why Digital Construction Week 2022 had a high attendance of professionals who want to future-proof […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – June 2022

Check out the best time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. E-Finity’s Microturbine Stallation, US E-Finity sells and installs Microturbines to […]

What is the difference between CCTV Cameras and Construction Cameras?

Site managers often dream of having eyes in 10 different places at once. As with every site, monitoring progress, health & safety and security all top priorities list and it […]

How Does a Construction Camera Benefit a Superintendent?

The Benefits of Construction Cameras: A Superintendent’s Perspective When it comes to construction projects, it can be difficult for investors and contractors to keep up with all of the moving […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – May 2022

Check out the best time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. The Village Flats, USA Watch the progress by Tulsa Property […]

How is Digital Disruption Transforming Construction?

The construction industry is poised with a constant challenge for digital transformation in order to change how projects are delivered, cut costs of executing projects and improve the overall project […]

Construction Safety Week 2022. How Construction Cameras Facilitate Safety in Job Sites

Construction Safety Week is a dedicated awareness campaign when construction companies throughout Ireland come together to focus on the mission of safety in the industry. This year, the safety campaign […]

The evolution of Reality Capture on Construction Sites

Reality capture is the future of construction site communications. The accuracy of digital capture and storage not only improves communication but also productivity. This ensures that construction projects are completed […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – April 2022

Check out the best time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Infrastructure Time-lapse- New Regalica Bridge, Poland Budimex, the leader in […]

BIM and Digital twin. Where The Difference Lies

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new generation of architecture and building design software that provides a 3D digital representation of the project to be constructed so that it can […]

Construction Camera BIM Integration – Why you need this technology for your next project

Construction cameras are continuously becoming an important reality capture source on job sites in recent years. Not only are such cameras now needed for time-lapse videos and project management but […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – March 2022

Check out the best time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2, Dongara western Australia- BIM Integration […]

WEBINAR: Reality Capture & Digital Twins. Introducing the next level of Evercam

Since the beginning of Evercam, we have been focused on developing a construction camera experience that delivers much more than time-lapse. Our main priority is to build a product that […]

The Not-So-Secret World of Sustainability

The future of business in all industries—and especially construction—rests solely on the strength of sustainability efforts. Achieving sustainability involves everyone. It requires everyone to think differently about our lives, the […]

Fixed Position Cameras vs PTZ – Which Construction Camera Is Right For Your Jobsite

With the digital transformation that is taking place across different sectors, the construction industry has not been left behind. Various construction companies have embraced new approaches, tools, and data-centric strategies […]

Evercam & DigiFed StorAIge Application Experiment

We are happy to announce that Evercam has been awarded €50k, EU funding provided through DigiFed, to develop an innovative smart solution for construction market leaders. For this 12 month […]

How Can Construction Cameras Help Boost Construction Sustainability?

Sustainable construction means using renewable and recyclable materials when building new structures, as well as reducing energy consumption and waste. The primary goal of sustainable construction is to reduce the […]

Evercam Welcomes David Morley as New Chief Product Officer

Evercam Construction Cameras is pleased to announce that David Morley  has joined the company as Chief Product Officer. As CPO, David will be responsible for the company’s overall product vision, […]

EVERCAM Construction Cameras Acquires Funding from Bentley iTwin Ventures to
Expand Construction Camera Digital Twin Capabilities

Dublin, Ireland, 28th Feb 2022 – Evercam Ltd. (EVERCAM), the leading provider of construction camera software today announced a financial investment by Bentley iTwin Ventures, a part of Bentley Acceleration […]

Top Construction Timelapses of the Month – February 2022

Check out the latest time-lapse videos produced by Evercam capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. BIM video –  Assembly Building C in Bristol PCE Ltd […]

BIM feature update! View project milestones

Integrating a BIM model with Evercam’s time-lapse cameras is a great way to keep your project on track. A BIM provides users with the planned project schedule and the live […]

How Visual Documentation Helps In Construction Dispute Resolution.

Visual documentation & dispute resolution Introduction  The construction industry is a diverse industry with increasingly complex types of projects that are always evolving not only in design but also in […]