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Irish Construction Safety Week 2018

Irish Construction Safety Week 2018

The CIF Safety Week campaign was a huge success again this year, the week aims to reduce accidents and fatalities in the construction industry by highlighting how quickly and easily something can go wrong and the importance of always thinking Safety.

The Construction Safety Week is an opportunity to take stock of safety procedures and work together to drive home the positive safety message. Good health and safety depend on co-operation between all parties on a project – from client to designers and contractors – everyone’s safety depends on their co-workers or the person working beside you or above you.For this year campaign, we have collaborated with Initiafy, a Contractor Management Software, to raise awareness of safety and health issues and to understand how digital inductions and construction site cameras can improve productivity in collaboration for a safe and compliant workplace.

Check out  Evercam Lottie and Initiafy Lottie working safely together on compliance, training and development in construction:

CIF Safety Week 2018 Highlights

Working Safely at Height

Accidents involving falls from height remain stubbornly high in the construction industry with 27 fatal accidents from 2011 – 2017.  Over the past 12 months, 6 people have lost their lives in construction-related activity, knowing the correct procedures when working at heights can be life-saving.

Mind Your Heal – Positive Mental Health

The construction industry can be a stressful environment and employers are starting to wake up to the scale of the problem. Create an open dialogue, be aware of any changes in your coworkers and don’t be afraid to speak up! Make mental health conversation apart of weekly discussions so your job site becomes a safe place to express concerns.

Working Safely near Utilities

On the third day, we focused on the danger posed by working close to utilities – water mains, electricity and gas.  The message is check before you dig!

The increased spend in the construction sector is welcome, but with that comes more likelihood of unwittingly exposing yourself to the dangers posed by utilities.

Construction companies must use the information that is available from the utility companies and follow safe digging techniques when working near these services because as the slogan says “Energy = Danger “.

Working Safely with Hazardous Substances

The danger posed by with working with harmful substances such as dust, fumes, powders, liquids, gases, vapours etc.

Michael McDonagh, Head of Construction Policy with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) said:

“Many workers across Europe are affected by exposure to dangerous substances. In recent decades some substances, such as asbestos, have been banned, restricted or subjected to strict regulatory control. However, dangerous substances such as Crystalline silica continue to be a major safety and health issue in many workplaces, particularly in the construction sector.”

Working Safely with Vehicles

The fifth day of Safety Week focused on Vehicle Safety. Michael McDonagh, Head of Construction Policy with the Health and Safety Authority:

“Between 2009 and 2017, there have been 20 reported deaths arising from vehicle-related accidents in the construction sector. Furthermore, there are numerous injuries each year, involving vehicles. Employers, the self-employed and construction workers, in general, need to be aware of the main risks associated with vehicles which need to be managed to protect themselves, their workers and members of the public, throughout all construction activity.”

Well done to The CIF and all the companies for taking part in this nationwide safety awareness campaign.