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Evercam & SharePoint Integration

Evercam & SharePoint Integration

sharepoint-evercam integration
SharePoint-Evercam integration

Simplify your processes with your team by connecting Evercam to the online collaborative platform SharePoint by Microsoft. Sharepoint provides a one-stop shop for your document management and work streamlining needs, with its renowned collaborative tools and communications solutions.

About SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform and intranet solution integrated into Microsoft Office, allowing sprawling teams to share documentation, plans, reports, and more in an intuitive and highly customizable package. 

SharePoint is used for:

  • Managing your workflow and automate processes using Microsoft’s Office 365 tools
  • Content management through integrated document libraries and lists
  • Creating an all-encompassing Intranet solution for your department
  • Manage your projects with all relevant information and analytics at your fingertips
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft’s Power BI platform for all your business analytics needs

Integrate Your Construction Camera with SharePoint

With the Evercam integration, you can access a live view of your project embedded in your SharePoint dashboard. This gives the user access to Evercam’s Live View within the SharePoint application, providing a smoother and more streamlined project management experience.

Share with the entire team or keep your cameras private. Evercam’s integration can only be seen by the users you choose.

Why integrate my camera with project management software?

  • Keep Your Teams Connected: Seamless file and document transfer reduces friction throughout your project
  • Verification: Add an image, file or task to your lists to keep your workflow efficient and keep validation times to a minimum
  • Seamless Handovers:  Use images to verify the data within your PM software & support the status of the project

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