Affan Qureshi
Calling all 7yr olds – A CEO builds a website.

Calling all 7yr olds – A CEO builds a website.

Sometimes I’m in meetings and I am referred to as “the technical guy”.  More often, especially recently, I excuse myself as “I’m not the technical guy”.

Here it is: back in 1999 I knew most of the HTML tags, a handful of PHP and I had a copy of Philip & Alex’s guide to webpublishing.

That’s pretty much where I left programming.

Now that Evercam is taking shape as a company that will be selling APIs and software to developers, my ignorance is becoming ever less blissful.

On this blog, alongside other Evercam news, I am going to try to describe, from the perspective of someone with my very limited level of technical knowledge how some of the video related problems we encounter are solved. Along the way, I hope, I will also be learning and sharing the process of trying to understand, from a newbie perspective, how these things are done.

I hope these postings may be useful to any 7 year olds out there who are interested in coding or any other programmatically challenged CEOs.