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5 New Ways To Make The Most of Construction Cameras

5 New Ways To Make The Most of Construction Cameras

Cameras for time-lapse videos or security purposes are hardly a new concept, but the real value for construction projects lies within the newer ways this familiar technology can be used to solve problems and save money.
Some of the main challenges that are encountered on construction job sites include but are not limited to; 

  • Time & Cost Overruns – Construction projects are often affected negatively by cost and time overruns and one of the main reasons behind this involves design changes or unexpected incurred costs which lead to delayed delivery of projects.
  • Health & Safety This is one of the most important factors to consider before commencing a project. This is because the industry is prone to hazardous situations and can be dangerous at times. Statistics show that 3% of all construction workers in the UK sustain a work-related injury and around 4% are suffering from a work-related illness. This can lead to a huge loss in working hours and also mean that workers are unhappy within their job roles. 
  • Productivity Levels – Gaps in productivity in job sites add up to increased costs that are unbudgeted for. McKinsey’s study showed that lagging construction productivity cost the U.S. global economy $1.6 trillion a year. furthermore, Lagged productivity and rework must be addressed to avoid the eventual staggering costs which must 

Installing cameras on construction sites is not a new concept. For decades CCTV systems have been used to protect the perimeter of a job site.   

How Evercam’s AI-powered Gate Report Can Help

Construction cameras provide photographic time-stamped reports of all vehicles that enter and exit a site during the billing period. For many construction companies, disputes are a familiar occurrence. Where construction companies need help to manage their sites’ weighbridge and entrance/exit points, the Gate Report plays a critical role. Our Gate Report identifies all vehicles that enter & exit your site and provides you with an in-app & PDF report. in addition, This report powered by artificial intelligence is designed to help to reduce costs, delays, and disputes onsite.

Material/Delivery Tracking

Having a log of the vehicles that enter the site is so important for any project. With manual logging of these vehicles, it is sometimes impossible to provide accurate data of all vehicles entering and exiting especially when the maximum amount of vehicles permitted was on site at the same time. 

Activating the Gate Report feature at the site provides most answers to project stakeholders. Deliveries are automatically spotted and reported. The report includes a time-stamped image of the vehicle entering and exiting the site and a link to the footage of the event. Evercam cameras can detect over 10 different types of vehicles. This allows users to generate an accurate delivery log. 

BIM Integration

One major attribute of having construction cameras on site is the ability to integrate your BIM models into real-time footage to track progress and quality. 

The BIM model is used for generating a graphic that would be used during the constructability review. It shows all the different elements of the build and the methodology for constructing them. The BIM Compare feature within the  Evercam software can be used to demonstrate to investors and project stakeholders that the methodology is executed as described initially. 

Monitoring Progress

Timelapse cameras help you to track the progress of construction sites as it unfolds. With these, you can not only tell whether the project is on schedule or behind but also proactively identify inconsistencies & communicate with the on-site team by marking-up live photos. Whenever a dispute arises, you can pinpoint the exact date & time of the incident and watch what happened & resolve things quicker and hold the right people accountable. A much-needed advantage that Evercam cameras provide is that the entire project is recorded at a high-quality resolution of  8 frames per second of video. 

The X-ray tool gives you the ability to go back in time to overlay an image from a previous time on the job site and compare that with today’s image, especially for repeated operations e.g. concrete pour. 

  “I love the Xray tool. We were moving a lot of stockpiled dirt back onto the pad site to bring our elevation back up, and it’s a fantastic reference point to see how much of our stored material was used in a set time frame.” 

~ Previous user

The X-ray feature is the most accurate image referencing tool using cloud-stored images to compare 2 points in time of the construction process. The ability to visually represent and analyze change on a construction job site, to compare 2 points in time of the construction process guarantees the most detailed repository of your job site activities ensuring you don’t miss anything from the past.

Illustration of the X-ray Tool on Evercam Construction Camera
Illustration of the X-ray Tool on Evercam Construction Camera

Identifying Potential Hazards

As a site manager using high-definition construction cameras to monitor site activities, you are able to quickly identify any potential hazards in real-time and take immediate remedial action to reduce the risk of harm. Cameras can help identify workers who are adhering to safety policies and regulations and those that could be disrupting the implementation of regulations. In the past, contractors and sub-contractors would have to physically be present at construction sites for monitoring. The ability to review site practices remotely also enables managers to handle two or more sites at the same time, reducing the number of physical site visits needed, and saving time and money. 

Construction cameras have now become an integral part of every other project. With the ever-growing dynamics of operations on job sites, it is now important, more than ever before to ensure that construction companies not only use construction cameras for timelapse videos but harness every other feature that comes with the cameras for more efficient projects delivery. 

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snapshot of the xray tool from evercam dashboard

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