21 02, 2017

PhD Research Position: AI, Storage, Analytics, Distributed Systems.

Evercam is planning on taking advantage of a new scheme whereby an overseas PhD level candidate is supported to work together with an Irish research institution to work on R&D tasks of relevance to our business objectives. This is a 3 year position with a good salary and is explicitly for a candidate who has [...]

26 01, 2017

5 considerations for your building project time-lapse

The Sun This isn't such a big issue in Ireland, but it still needs consideration. A vantage point which has the camera facing north will produce much clearer and better images than one facing south. The effect of this can be minimised by using cameras with a Wide Dynamic Range and by various colour settings, [...]

26 01, 2017

Which camera to use for a timelapse ?

This used to be a pretty easy question, there was really only one choice, a Canon DSLR which had a special feature to take photographs at regular intervals. The camera needed an external power supply and you were left with a heap of high-resolution pictures on an SD card. Here in Ireland you also needed [...]

18 08, 2016

How to Win Your Next Construction Project Using Time Lapse Video

Construction Time Lapse Video In today’s world of winning bids, it's not just about having the lowest price although it does help. It’s also about having a high quality score. Find out how time lapse video can make a difference. Winning More Bids The quality score shows how your business has [...]

10 05, 2016

Construction Timelapses underway in Dublin

Project: Dorset Point, Student Accommodation Developer: 360 Developments Contractor: Bennett Construction   Project: Binary Hub, Bonham St Developer: 360 Developments Contractor: Bennett Construction Architect: O'Mahony Pike   Project: National Indoor Arena Developer: Buckingham Group & Heron Brothers JV Architect: Cooney Architects Project: Bolands Mills Developer: Savills Architect: BKD.ie   Evercam for Construction Project Management offers: Live View | [...]