Women In Construction

The construction industry has been a male-dominated field for decades. However, with changing times and the need for diversity and inclusivity, the industry is gradually moving towards greater gender balance. […]

5 Ways to Reduce Project Risk Using Evercam’s Drone View

While every project is unique, many construction projects run into the same kinds of issues that can slow down progress or cause harm to workers on the ground. In the […]

Evercam chosen to bring visibility and support to American Foods Group’s project in Missouri.

Evercam were selected by American Foods Group to provide visibility on the construction of their $800 million manufacturing facility in Warren County, Missouri. New York, March 15th 2023 Evercam Construction […]

Reality Capture and the Power of Drones: An In-Depth Look

Reality capture is a rapidly growing field that is changing the way we view and interact with the physical world of construction. It refers to the process of digitizing the […]

Drone View Is Here!

We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Evercam and lately, we’ve been quite busy! We thought it was about time that we update […]

10 Ways How Construction Cameras Can Reduce Risk & Protect Margins

Construction cameras are an increasingly popular tool for construction managers looking to improve safety. By providing real-time documentation and monitoring of projects, construction cameras can help avoid costly delays, manage […]

How Reality Capture Cameras Are Changing Data Centre Construction

Data centre projects are large-scale undertakings that require significant financing investments. These projects involve the construction of specialized facilities that are designed to support the storage, processing, and distribution of […]

Top 10 Construction Time-lapse Videos of 2022

Even if you haven’t worked on the project, watching a time-lapse video can provide inspiration and pride for what construction teams can achieve together. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 of […]

De-Risk Projects with Visual Data

Construction projects are becoming more complex, while the timeframes to complete them are shortening. Despite the many precautions that are typically taken during the planning and execution of a construction […]

Evercam’s new 4D View, powered by iTwin, improves collaboration with easier access to real-time videos and project design data

Evercam 4D View helps project teams leverage engineering data to communicate project plans to all stakeholders  Dublin, Ireland – December 13, 2022 – Evercam is pleased to announce the addition […]

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Tech in 2023

There has never been a stronger need for innovation and technological adoption in the construction industry than it is right now. Young professionals have an important role to play in […]

Top Construction Time-Lapse of the Month – November 2022

Check out some of the best time-lapse videos produced by the Evercam video team this month, capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Waterside Chesterfield – […]

IoT for Risk Reduction in Construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming every industry, as it merges our physical and digital worlds. With the prevalence of wireless networks and affordable digital chips, almost any […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Pro Videos of Your Construction Project 

In recent years, time-lapse videos have been extremely popular in the construction sector both as documentation and marketing tools. On the other hand, there has been an increasing need or […]

A Quick Guide To Construction Cameras: The Tool That Benefits Your Entire Organisation

When it comes to cameras, our thought process instantly zooms in on the hardware and functionality aspects of what cameras mean to us: tools to capture images/videos. Evercam aims to […]

Construction Cameras for Data Centre Projects

Reality capture is becoming a  vital part of any construction project. Construction cameras in particular are now being used to gather data on new projects and existing buildings. They’re also […]

How To Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions on Job Sites Using Construction Cameras

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need to take action against climate change, many industries are looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions. The construction industry is no […]

Job Site Documentation Just Got Easier With Aconex Integration!

Evercam has expanded its list of integrations by adding Aconex by Oracle. This integration allows users to receive project site updates and automatic site documentation sent to their Aconex account […]

Top Construction Time-Lapse of the Month – October 2022

Check out some of the best time-lapse videos produced by the Evercam video team this month, capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Gerald Desmond Bridge […]

Evercam bring in €8m To Revolutionise Construction Reality Capture Worldwide

Dublin, Ireland, 24th October 2022 Investment Details  We are delighted to announce that we have raised a total of €8m investment to help further grow our presence in Europe, North […]

5 Ways to Use the Time-Lapse Creator

Looking for a way to give your construction project communications a boost? Time-Lapse Creator is here to help! This feature within the platform enables users to create unlimited time-lapse videos […]

Top Construction Time-Lapse of the Month – September 2022

Check out some of the best construction time-lapse videos produced by the Evercam video team this month, capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Murphy Group, […]

7 Causes of Construction Rework | Evercam

Construction rework is a field activity that must be repeated or undertaken again after completing work due to an impending correction that was required to be carried out during the […]

The Rising Cost of Construction: How Evercam Can Help

According to CBRE’s new Construction Cost Index, construction costs will rise 14.1% year by the end of 2022 as labour and material costs continue to rise. In 2023 and 2024, […]

How Construction Cameras Impact Construction Disputes

Financial Impact in Construction Disputes Construction disputes are inevitable on any construction site. Whether it’s an argument between owner and contractor over contractual obligations, the GC (General Contractor) & Architect […]

The Major Causes of Delays to Construction Projects and The Technology That Can Help Impact This Expensive Problem

The delay of construction projects is a universal problem that can have devastating effects on both the industry and the economy. Sometimes project delays are contractor based such as poor […]

Top Construction Time-lapses of the Month – August 2022

Our talented video team provides high quality, marketing ready time-lapses for all of our clients, but with a key focus around the construction milestones. Check out some of the best […]

Press Release: Evercam Launches A Powerful New Tool Set To Advance The Abilities of Visual Documentation in Construction

Today, Evercam Construction Cameras – the leading construction time-lapse company, announced the launch of their new video creation tool – The Time-Lapse Creator. The new product is now available to […]

The Cost Impact of Incidents & Theft Construction Industry

The construction industry contributes significantly to national economic growth and provides numerous opportunities for job creation; however, workplace accidents and theft have long plagued the industry.  The economic significance of […]

How Construction Cameras Are Being Used on ATEX Sites

A construction site is constantly changing as a structure is erected. There are diggers, supply vehicles, and lifting equipment that all operate on an uneven surface in most situations. A […]