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Why We Love Time-lapse (And You Should, Too!)

When you hear the words "timelapse" or "timelapse cameras", what do you think of? Maybe you think of a time-lapse video of a flower blooming that you saw on Twitter last week. Perhaps those words remind you of an impressive timelapse shot from a movie that you really like. Something that you might [...]

Combine Your BIM Model With The Real Building at Any Time

BIM time-lapse integration - Combine your BIM Model with real life Evercam’s Building Information Modelling time-lapse integration overlays your BIM Model with the real life, high-resolution photographs of the structure. Tallaght Stadium time-lapse video with BIM Integration:   Stewart Harcourt Street - Time-lapse video with BIM Model Integration   Contact us if [...]

We’re Talking Digital Construction at Annual CIF Conference

The 2018 Annual CIF Conference happened on 2nd October in the Croke Park, Dublin. As the voice of the Irish construction industry, the CIF’s annual conference is the industry’s flagship event. The conference attracted more than 600 delegates from the entire range of industry stakeholders who operate both nationally and internationally. The CIF Conference focused on how the [...]

Evercam Construction Cameras vs CCTV Cameras

If you are working on a construction project, you probably have a CCTV camera system set up at the site or are planning to set one up. Security at a construction site is important, and CCTV cameras can certainly help with that. However... Did you know that time-lapse cameras can offer a construction [...]

Marketing & Construction Cameras Webinar

Watch the Evercam Marketing & Construction Cameras webinar to discover how to use on-site construction cameras to effectively promote your work. Vinnie Quinn shares tools and strategies that businesses can leverage to more effectively market themselves in the construction industry. Find out how construction cameras help businesses develop their marketing strategies and business relationships by [...]

Lottie Loves Evercam Construction Cameras much that she needs to dance about it! Lottie is versatile, well-travelled, and ambitious. She attends school, rides horses, canoes, and has travelled up to the International Space Station where she orbited the Earth. She has recently teamed up with the Construction Industry Federation to encourage young [...]

How to Solve the Housing Crisis

The housing crisis is a problem worldwide, but with the help of some good engineering, we can build houses that are actually cost-efficient and affordable. Found out more about in this video by Real Engineering.

Webinar: The Use of Cameras in Construction

Watch our first webinar on Construction Cameras May to see how site cameras can benefit from the use of them, Vinnie Quinn shares his strategies for display construction projects and build brand exposure. Vinnie is a passionate technology advocate and, together with his long-term business partner Marco Herbst, they have decided to apply [...]

Evercam at the National Construction Summit 2018

The 4th Annual National Construction Summit happened on 2nd May in the Citywest, Dublin. The purpose of the National Construction Summit is simple — Bring together over 2000 construction companies in order to stimulate debate, enrich knowledge and connect stakeholder’s involved in the finance, design, construction and management of Irelands buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects. Evercam [...]