Construction for a new fire station in Reading is underway. The $5.94M contract was awarded to Perrotto Builders Ltd., who are tasked to demolish the old Ninth and Marion to make way for a new playground. The current playground at Ninth and Marion streets will be removed to build the new fire station.

The 16,505-square-foot station is planned to house five pieces of fire and emergency apparatus and will include areas for sleeping quarters, laundry, maintenance, storage, offices, living space, restrooms and a gym. It will replace the current Marion-Hampden station across the street, at 1155 N. Ninth St.

CGI of 9th and Marion Fire Station
CGI of 9th and Marion Fire Station

The 19th-century firehouse that is still in use at Ninth and Marion streets lacks space, safety features and amenities required by today’s firefighters to effectively and safely do their jobs. It is presumed that this is an investment worth undertaking not only for public safety but for the overall well-being of the neighbourhood.

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